The Beginning.

Welcome to my site! After blogging for 3 enjoyable years with my friends Monica and Mary Jean over at Hammer Like a Girl about diy (and a lot of other fun stuff), I’ve decided it is time to buckle down and devote more time to creating art.

First, a little background – I was a graphic designer for a long time. When we had our 2 daughters, I stopped working. Now that they are older, there’s more time to devote to making art.

I love making things from salvaged materials – old hardware, wood, anything with type or numbers on it, galvanized metal, and odds/ends of all sorts. I love the patina, the craftsmanship and imagined history of old things. I find things at architectural salvage yards, junk stores, alongside the road, and garage sales. I get a lot of great things when people clean out their basements and think “I bet Heidi would like this”.

I have collected/accumulated quite a bit of salvaged material. (Ask my husband, he will tell you how much stuff I’ve collected.)

Here’s a small sampling.

My plan is to post about projects that I’m working on. If the piece turns out, I’ll add it to the portfolio section of this site.

Meanwhile, feel free to poke around here and look at the things I’ve made – there are 4 sections in the portfolio – Functional Art (furniture, chalkboards, hooks), Lighting, Assemblage, and Collage prints. If/when things are available for sale there is a “shop” button under the photo which will take you to my Etsy shop.

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